High Performance Driving School

Our fully customizable driving schools instill you with the confidence of a professional racecar driver. You'll acquire and apply the necessary skills that serve as a foundation for every level of desire. From simple strategies to advanced competition techniques, we got you covered. Team Stradale takes a 'hands-on' approach; you drive, we teach. Sign up today for one of our exciting programs.

High Performance Driving School Day $895

This program is for those with a busy schedule and little time to play. Team Stradale day school is a condensed version of our full day program that gets you in the driver seat much faster. This is a basic program that covers the same topics as Team Stradale 1 day with limited practice.

High Performance Driving School 1 Day $1395

Team Stradale 1 day school is an intro level program that teaches foundation skills of defensive driving, car control and safety. All necessary rules and procedures to drive/race on track are covered and assessed in the Team Stradale 1 day school.

High Performance Driving School 2 Day $2495

Team Stradale 2 day school is an advanced program that teaches technical skills and techniques to drive fast. This is a continuation program that builds upon the skills learned in the Team Stradale 1 day school while focusing on increasing speed, precision and consistency.

Team Stradale Advanced Lapping $900

After graduating from our 2-day program, you qualify to use our performance fleet for lapping. This is a perfect opportunity for data and video analysis along with Geo-Race Tracking critique sessions with our pros. Best laps are made through repetition and visual discovery of your driving style.

Competition Licensing Program

The Team Stradale Competition School incorporates skills and techniques necessary when racing with your competitors. Participants will experience and practice race starts, proper pit procedure, side-by-side driving, flagging, race scenario analysis and the decision making. The one day course is conducted by our staff of highly experienced racers, using unparalleled technology such as the Google Geo Race Tracking application developed by our head instructor Francesco D'Avola. Open daily to the public, you can complete our Three-Day High Performance School at your own pace prior to enrolling in the NASA Competition Licensing Program. The Competition programs are scheduled to coincide with local NASA events, making it easier for participants to enjoy the thrill of driving following graduation. Team Stradale is the official school of Autobahn Country Club and conveniently located next to the registration building. Our address is 3795 CenterPoint Way Unit #3761 Joliet, IL 60436. Check-in is at 7:30am and the course will conclude no later than 6:00pm.

Class Overview

  • Race starts
  • Proper pit procedure
  • Side-by-side driving
  • Flagging communication
  • Race scenario analysis
  • Decision making
  • Classroom sessions
  • Discussion and feedback


  • $400 using your car
  • $1000 using our BMW Z3 Roadsters


Participants must be at least 18 years of age and must have a valid driver's license to enroll.

Eligible participant must have successfully completed Team Stradale's High Performance School or equivalent lapping experience within the last two years or have participated in NASA HPDE4 Drivers using their own race car are reminded that their car must meet current NASA safety specifications per the current year CCR and have a current year Annual Tech Sticker.

Team Stradale is a NASA Certified Tech Shop where you can have your annual inspection completed. Call Team Stradale at 815-727-7234 to schedule an appointment. Tech inspection document can be downloaded at

Participants must wear the required fire protection including fire suit, nomex undergarments, nomex gloves, nomex shoes, and a snell approved helmet. Snell rating changes year to year and must be inspected prior to participation. Helmets are available for daily rental for $20.

Participants using Team Stradale's school cars will be required to sign a liability waiver making you responsible for damages up to $5,000.

Teen Defensive Driving $389

We teach your students skills we hope they never have to use. Learn skid control, accident avoidance, damage reduction and safe practice. This program takes place in a classroom and on a skid pad designed for high-speed drills and vehicle maneuvers. Our mission is to instill knowledge and put to practice the skills necessary to be a smart driver.

Speed Pass $249

Be our guest and experience Autobahn from the member's perspective. Enjoy lunch and excitement of driving fast cars on the racetrack. You will ride along in a few of Team Stradale's high performance fleet. Then take the wheel and buzz around the track for a brief orientation session with an instructor at your side.

High-Speed Ride Along $99

Get an intense ride with a professional racecar driver pushing the limits as you hold on for dear life. Our instructors will demonstrate skills that can be mastered in our Team Stradale High Performance Driving programs. You will be strapped in one of the Team Stradale school fleet for a ride sure to fire you up.