Radical RXC Turbo GT3

Radical RXC Turbo GT3


• Ford EcoBoost V6 Ti-VCT, 24-valve 3500cc engine, DOHC twin independent variable camshaft timing, sequential direct injection, plenum secondary injection and drive-by-wire throttle, twin Garrett GT28RS turbochargers and intercoolers. Power over 500bhp, subject to individual championship restrictor size and Balance of Performance.

• Bespoke 7-speed transverse straight-cut Quaife gearbox with paddle shift and autoblip.

• High-tensile strength CDS carbon tubular steel spaceframe with FIA specification crash boxes front and rear.

• Front and rear double wishbone pushrod suspension

• Bespoke inboard 4-way adjustable Intrax dampers

• Fully-floating steel disc brakes with six-pot calipers front 380mm, rear 330mm

• Bosch M4 race ABS system with multi-point adjustment

• Front-rear brake bias adjuster

• Centre-lock forged alloy wheels, front: 18”x9.5”, rear: 18”x11”

• Dunlop slick and wet race tires – other manufacturers available on request

Accordion Content

• AIM multifunction LCD dash with digital rev counterand display integral datalogger, LED gear shift lights.

• Multi-point adjustable traction control system, pit lane speed limiter.

•Electric Lifeline fire extinguisher system

• L 4300 mm / W 1960 mm / H 1127 mm

Fuel System

• 26 gallon (100-litre) FIA fuel cell

• Dry-break refueling system

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