Racing: Anzaldi, Kelly Take Wins In Double Header Weekend

Rounds 4 and 5 saw new drivers, and new podium finishers.

[Editors note: better late than never!]

Last week’s double header saw two new winners for the 2021 season of Radical Racing at Autobahn Country Club. Mike Anzaldi took the checkered flag for Round 4, and Ryan Kelly grabbed the gold for Round 5. But each race was a mixed bag for a number of drivers in the field. The races were held back to back on Saturday, which meant that consistency was key.

Racing: Anzaldi, Kelly Take Wins In Double Header Weekend

Round #4 ended up being a walk-away victory for Anzaldi who took a strong lead early on, and never looked back. The battle for second place was highly contested, however, with Kelly and Christian Weir in contention for second place. Weir overtook Kelly for second at the mid-point during the race. But as they say “it’s not over till it’s over.” A fuel delivery issue relegated Weir out of the race in the final laps. This elevated John Mikulski to third place, earning him his first podium in Autobahn Member Radical Racing.

Round #5 started off much stronger for Weir, who took a commanding lead early on. Kelly followed in close pursuit, but Weir’s pace opened up a sizable gap. That lead was held till Weir had a fuel delivery issue once more on lap 12 and lap 16 of the 18 lap race. This elevated Kelly to 1st, and Anzaldi into 2nd, with Weir able to coax an uncooperative race car into a final podium spot.

Racing: Anzaldi, Kelly Take Wins In Double Header Weekend

Throughout both races, it is worth noting that Christian Weir would have been slated for a double podium, if not a win in the second race if it weren’t for fuel delivery issues. Weir was in a borrowed car, and performed admirably, especially considering this young driver is already showing race winning pace. Keep an eye on this young hot-shoe, as he’s definitely going places.

Speaking of which, Team Stradale is loading up this week for the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America race series as they visit Elkhart Lake’s Road America. Weir will be part of a number of Team Stradale drivers taking part in all three classes: Platinum, PRO 1500 and PRO 1340.

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