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Team Stradale

Taking the hassle out of racing

Leave your stress behind and enjoy your day behind the wheel. Team Stradale offers a comprehensive VIP package for Autobahn members that gives drivers a stress-free and joyful day at the race track. 

Keep your car with us

Premium Storage

VIP club members can take advantage of a car that’s always ready to race when they arrive. TS facilities are alarmed and CCTV monitored and equipped with industry-best lifts. All race vehicle batteries are maintained with battery-maintainers.

Ready To Race

Pre-Track Prep

Club members can feel confident their car is always ready for the track. Before your arrival, your car will be detailed, fuel will be added, fluids checked, and put through a warm up procedure. We’ll ensure your wheels are torqued properly and perform a cold tire pressure check.

If you need refueling throughout the day, we’ll be there to make sure you are ready for every session.


Lounge & Bar

Enjoy a lunch with old colleagues in our private lounge. When it’s time for your next racing session, prompt reminders ensure you don’t miss a second of driving. After the track goes cold, share your racing experiences with new friends at the bar.


Locker Rooms

 For Autobahn club members who subscribe to Team Stradale’s VIP Program, we have a comfortable full service locker room; with showers, private lockers, and laundry service to freshen up your racing gear.


Driving Coach

Whether you’re a seasoned racer or just getting started, private coaching is your fastest way to better lap times. All of our instructors have years of experience with data analysis, interpreting driver feedback, and will work with you in a one-on-one setting to make progress throughout the day.

Data Center

Race Analytics

With the help of our driving simulator and Garmin on-board race analytics, we’ll acquire valuable data and use it to address challenges specific to your driving style. The insight gained will enable us to share techniques that make you a better driver.

Feel Like A

Race Car Driver

With our VIP service, you enjoy the racing experience without the hassle. This is the white glove service for gentlemen drivers you’ve been looking for.

On-site Service

Our Garage

We understand that race cars are living and breathing machines, so if anything on your car needs attention, we’re right here to help. One benefit of Team Stradale’s on-site garage means that if anything comes up while you’re on track, we can get it fixed. Whether you need a hand setting up data systems, or  just doing a standard pre-session check, we have you covered. 


Driving Simulator

Team Stradale and SimTraxx have teamed up to provide an authentic laser-scanned Autobahn experience. No longer just a game, racing simulators have become a valuable instructional tool to evaluate data, situational awareness and on-track competency.

REady To Race?

Get Started

White Glove

VIP Service

When you become a member of our VIP program, we take care of you like family. Not only is your race car stored and meticulously maintained, but we ensure every need is handled while you’re on premise. From checking tire pressure to analyzing race data, we can build a program that fits your goals and budget.

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