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Driving School

Team Stradale

Founded on the Principal of Education

Our curriculum is the product of several professional drivers and their years of experience translated to you.

SCCA Licensing

Driving Program

After a thorough interview of your competition experience, we develop a custom driving program tailored to suit your exact skill level and designed to achieve your goals regardless of how simple or complex they might be.

Your Goals

Our Objective

Your racing goals are our primary objective.

At Team Stradale, we believe learning to race a car should be a personalized experience. You may have no racing experience and need a complete one-on-one training regiment or maybe you’ve driven club track days and now you’re ready to get licensed and move into competitive motorsports.


Driving Coach

Team Stradale believes in one-on-one coaching. Working with just one student at a time, each instructor is able to focus on an individual driver’s specific needs, and maximize the of progress in each session.



Our program is presented by professional instructors who will teach you how to go fast, but also be safe. With decades of combined coaching experience among the instructors, no two students have ever been taught the same way. Team Stradale adapts its teaching methods to each specific driver.

Learn the

Racing Line

Performing reconnaissance laps is an integral part of racing and included as part of your training also. Our instructors will teach the racing line and the benefits of following it to minimize lap times, in addition to passing zones and how to pass other cars safely. This program is comprehensive and puts you in the best position to achieve your racing goals.

Stage 1

Vehicle Dynamics

Stage 2

Car Control

Stage 3


Stage 4

Advanced Control

Stage 5

Competition ready

Spec MX-5

Flexible scheduling
$ 1,200
Half Day
  • ND MX5 Miata
  • Learn line and adhesion limits
  • morning or afternoon

Club Racing

Train in your car
$ 1,300
Full Day
  • for advanced drivers seeking more speed
  • for beginner drivers getting up to speed
  • data analysis after every session

Radical Experience

Train for Radical racing
$ 3,350
Full Day
  • All-inclusive program
  • Purpose built racecar
  • Data and coaching

Spec MX-5

Full SCCA licensing
$ 8,064
Use our ND MX5 Miata
  • SCCA Level 4 accredited
  • learn in the most popular sportscar
  • one price - no extra fees

Club Racing

Use your car to attain SCCA license
$ 5,824
Full Competition License
  • SCCA Level 4 accredited
  • Learn in the car you'll race
  • open to any safe road racing car

Radical Experience

Train for Radical racing
$ 15,000
Five days of intense training
  • SCCA Level 4 accredited
  • SCCA Club or SCCA Pro license options
  • Arrive and drive - we take care of it all
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Your driving school at Team Stradale is not a cookie cutter program. If you want to learn how to drive your BMW M3, Shelby GT-350, or other high-performance vehicle in a track setting, we can help. Perhaps you’re interested in Miata Spec racing and need training to become competitive, we’re here for you. 

With the data gathered from our driving simulator and on-board analytics, you will receive personalized coaching that addresses challenges specific to your driving style and provides techniques to resolve those issues.

Each of our driving programs will be tailored to your budget and driving skill goals. Get started by calling or filling the form.

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