What We Do

Racing Services

Team Stradale

We are race consultants.
We are driven by passion.

Our experienced drivers, coaches, engineers and technicians will help you start racing or perfect your racing technique.

Concierge Service

Arrive & Drive

Racing your track day car or race car should be simple. The race crew here at Team Stradale offers club members the least stressful option to enjoy the thrills of Autobahn Country Club.

Data Center

Race Analytics

We engineered an in-house data center that can tell  your optimum time to race based on weather, driving skill, track conditions and more. We’ll help you to maximize your track time at the Autobahn.

Build & Modify

Race Prep

We offer street car,  track car, and full race prep for track days and auto cross. Our team scales all the way to full race car builds. Stradale technicians and equipment give us the winning combination to help our clients achieve their race objectives.

Radical Certified

Cars for Sale

We specialize in Radical series racing and service. Our detailed records of engine data and service intervals enable you to make the most informed decision on your purchase.

Our shop technicians are highly experienced in Radical engine, chassis and body work.

Learn to Race

Driving School

Our team of instructors will teach from their years of professional driving experience. Learning how to gain control of your car is the primary objective. Our classes are tailored to your skill and budget.

Pro Motorsport Coaching

A step beyond

Beyond the SCCA racing school, Team Stradale offers advanced coaching options. Rain techniques, finding that final 10th, race weekend dry runs, and advanced racecraft techniques are all specially cated to advanced drivers. 

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