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Team Stradale Driver Development Program

At Team Stradale, we offer an array of client services and access points into the world of Motorsport via our tenured roots and resources. We believe that there is no aspiration too large to handle or too distant to pursue. By providing our clients with a streamline and entrusted path to success, drivers of all ages and skill levels are welcome to join a team that seeks to maximize the limits of Motorsport.

Kick-off your career

Pro Karting

Go Karting is not only a great way for youngsters to kick off their driving careers, but it is also one of the best ways to knock off the rust! With immediate access to the onsite Kart Circuit Autobahn course, private coaching, open lapping sessions, racecraft and wet weather driving experience can all be tried and practiced.

Autobahn Country Club employs several professional instructors that can help guide you into the world of karting. 

Contact: Alan Bertangnoli 630-740-3249

[email protected]



Adopting simulation as part of our driver training offerings and skill sets further enriches the relationship between driver and instructor. Not only are individuals able to demo the track layout and car before hoping in the real thing. Such a resource provides an opportunity for instructors to pinpoint different driving habits that can maximize your time on the track. As such, simulation is a great tool to introduce the ergonomics of hand placement and seating position.

Furthermore, our instructors are able to get on track with you in the simulation to practice different race scenarios, setup changes to the car, varying conditions and much more. The sim is to be used as a tool and we understand that it is not for everyone, yet with the proper mindset it can be an invaluable asset to your development. 


Karts to Cars

Deciding when and how to transition from Karts to cars is an undertaking worthy of deep thought and forward planning. To ensure such a transition goes off without a hitch, we will assist in navigating the various steps required to promote longevity behind the wheel as a professional race driver.

4 Phase Progression

Radical Racing

Team Stradale was born at the race track and our spirit has lived on through the lives of our drivers. As Radical Cup series champions, multi-time winners and front of the pack runners. Our organization prides its-self on its ability to mentor quality drivers capable of progressing into the deepest ranks of Motorsport. Ideally, we like to operate within four phases of progression that will provide essential exposure to qualifying experiences in order to measure aptitude and rate of progress.

Phase 1

Racing License

Get your Pro Racing License at our accredited SCCA full competition school in either your own car or one of our rentals.

Phase 2

Open Lapping

Dive deeper into your potential with open lapping sessions, accompanied by a private instruction, again, with your own car or one of our rentals.

Phase 3


Experience quality racing at the Autobahn Country Clubs Radical member series.

Phase 4

Go Pro

Go pro by competing in the Blue Marble Radical Cup Championship Series.

SCCA Class

Track Racing

Helping people turn thought into reality is a big part of our organization and we understand that even if we think Radical’s are the premier track weapon, it won’t be for everyone. For those who have eyes on a different championship and or type of vehicle, we encourage you to reach out and take advantage of our wealth of knowledge and experience. The most important thing to us is nurturing your involvement and understanding for what the Motorsport world has to offer.

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