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Team Stradale

Race Consultants Driven By Passion

Our experienced drivers, coaches, engineers and technicians will help you start racing or perfect your racing technique.

Arrive & Drive Valet

Concierge Service

Feel like a race car driver.

With our VIP service, you enjoy the racing experience without the hassle. This is the white glove service for gentlemen drivers you’ve been looking for.

Radical pre-owned

Buy a Race Car

Not sure which car is the best fit for you? Tell us what you wish to accomplish in motorsports, and we’ll introduce you to the car that best fits your skill level and budget. Whether you just want a fun track car or wish to compete, our team will ensure you get the right car for the right price and in the expected condition.

Control your Car

Learn To Race

At Team Stradale, we believe learning to race a car should be a personalized experience. After a thorough interview, we develop a custom driving program, tailored to suit your exact skill level and designed to achieve your goals regardless of how simple or complex they might be.

Get Involved

Radical Racing

To experience the feeling you get from a Radical Sportscar, that was bred to race, you have to drive it. Radical Sportscars deliver pure adrenaline-fueled fun with heart-racing performance, all at the push of a pedal.