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Patrick Morgan

Patrick has been instructing for Team Stradale regularly for 6 years. Receiving his competition license in 2011, Patrick continued to follow and pursue his love of motorsports through SCCA. Active involvement in SCCA saw him licensed as a National Time Trials instructor, National Flagging and Communications, National Race Administration, and National Tech Inspector. Patrick received his Motorsport Safety Foundation Level 1 accreditation in 2018. 

Patrick finds himself able to work with a diverse range of clients, ranging from those who are brand new to track driving, all the way through data analysis and competition licensing. He is particularly well suited to beginners, being able to quickly make drivers feel comfortable on track and rewarding them with a safe and enjoyable experience.

As Team Stradale’s official liaison for Sports Car Club of America and Motorsport Safety Foundation, Patrick has helped establish Team Stradale as a Level 4 accredited competition licensing school through the formation of concise and complete curriculum, and ensures all instructors meet the requirements of Team Stradale and Autobahn Country Club’s needs.

Patrick Morgan

Patrick is often seen at the track with his Honda Fit, competing in the GRIDLIFE Sundae Cup series. Though the car is humble, his track activity has a big impact. Patrick’s main competition partner is Curing Kids Cancer, a 501(C)3 charity. In this partnership, he is able to help generate funds for pediatric cancer research with each mile he completes on track.

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