2019 Ligier JSP4V8


2019 Ligier JSP4V8



Chassis No 4
1300 km’s from new on chassis and engine
Built Katech LS3 Chevy Motor with 520HP and 520lbs Tq
Xtrac 1152 Transmission with no manual clutch system (2 pedal only per Ligier design)
LMP3 Rear Uprights and Wing
Used for track days
This car was built as part of Ligier’s development program by taking a new LMP4 and adding the Katech / Ligier joint developed LS3 engine and Xtrac Transmission. The engine setup on this car allows it to run for a long time with no maintenance apart from oil changes. Ligier built a handful of these cars and only 2 were sent to the US. This car has all the factory upgrades plus much more than the earlier prototype that was developed, this car is much quicker in a straight line than a LMP3 due to its lower drag and has the majority of aero/handling equivalent to a LMP3 with LMP4 futuristic looks and bullet proof reliability.
Upgrades made to this car by Ligier from new:
• EPAS upgrade by Ligier
• JRI Suspension System upgraded by Ligier
• Upgraded TC and Bosche ABS Systems
• P3 Rear End with uprights/wing
• Rear Camera System by Ligier
• GPS Telemetry
• Cabin Vent System
• Light Upgrade
• Anti stall Clutch / No manual clutch
The car has been used at Sebring recently and ran effortless and capable of a sub 2min lap with ease. New parts just installed are Brake Master Cylinders / Alternator / Rotors/Pads all round / Harnesses / Fire Ext / etc
Wrap was just installed a few weeks ago, the car is maintained by a pro shop who know LMP’s very well, although this car is very simple to maintain and cheap to run. Super easy to drive compared to GT3’s etc, this car has never been driven anywhere near its limits and zero incidents. Comes with completely new fluids and full nut and bolt check over, the car is ready to drive by any type of driver in a variety of series or track days. The only LMP type of car that requires 1 person to run it which makes it simple/easy to run and maintain and quicker than a LMP3.
Comes with original LMP4 suspension / Spare Front Clip new ($20k+ Value) / Front Lights / Spare Wheels / Good Michelins etc

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