Praga Invictus Kart


Praga Invictus Kart



Technical Specifications

  • Ø30Å~2 – Ø32Å~2 mm tubular frame made of high – strength steel
  • FP7 – Stilo bodyworks with CIK-FIA homologated supports
  • hydraulic brake system, brake pump with oil recovery tank, floating iron cast brake disc:
    • RBS: ventilated Ø187 mm rear brake disc
    • FMB: Ø149 mm front brake discs + ventilated Ø195 mm rear brake disc
    • STR: ventilated Ø149 mm front brake disc + ventilated Ø187 mm rear brake disc
  • top line steering system with Ø330 mm “Le Mans” steering wheel
  • 8.5 L of tank capacity
  • magnesium Ø5 inches rims, 130 mm (front) – 212 mm (rear)
  • “racing” seat, size 1 | 1+ | 2 | 3 | 4
  • Ø50 x 2 x 1030 mm, S | MS | M | MH H | EH | X axles
  • Ø25 mm spidles with Ø10 mm kingpins and Camber – Caster regulation plates


Wheelbase :

XS3: 1055mmXS1:

1055 mmDD2:

1055 mm

Overall Length:

1940 mm

Overall Width:

1315 mm

Overall Height:

545 mm


RBS: 50 kgFMB

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