Radical Racing Season Wraps Up On Autobahn Full Course

Emerging talents and new drivers summed up an incredible 2021 Radical Racing season at Autobahn Country Club

Radical Cup Autobahn Country Club

Round 11, the final race of the 2021 season, saw a down-to-the-wire battle for the overall championship. Autobahn Country Club‘s “Octoberfast” weekend opened up the full 3.5 mile course for racing, and it made for incredible racing.

Round 11 saw a trio of SR10 drivers enter, with a clinic being put on by Louis Schriber III. Schriber (No. 111) managed to stay ahead of Niko Karavites (No. 3) through the duration of the race, but never pulled a gap greater than just a few car lengths.

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In the PRO 1340 class, the action was even more packed. Known hot-shoe Mike Anzaldi scored a trio of wins in 2021, on par with his usual performance. John Mikulski committed to a full season of racing as well, and with solid and consistent finishes through the season, he stayed mathematically in contention right up till the final round.

The battle between Anzaldi and Mikulski went down to the last race, but Anzaldi made it clear from the first lap that he’d get in the lead, and stay there. Prior race winner Mike D’Ambrose would race competitively for second place, with Ryan Kelly in 3rd. However, with only 4 and 5 races entered between them, they weren’t in contention for the top championship spot. Mikulski would ultimately cross the line in 4th, missing the top spot by just 95 points.

Not too far behind the podium battle was Jason Greenwood. Like Anzaldi and Mikulski, he entered all but one race during the season, meaning he had accumulated a solid run of points. In the overall standings, he’d receive a podium, but with the drop race, he was just eked out by John Rante who managed three podiums throughout the season.

Overall standings (without drop races):
1. Mike Anzaldi – 860
2. John Mikulski – 770
3. Jason Greenwood – 655
4. John Rante – 595
5. Andrew Marks – 485

Driver championship standings (with 3 drop races):
1. Mike Anzaldi – 730
2. John Mikulski – 635
3. John Rante – 595
4. Jason Greenwood – 545
5. Andrew Marks – 485

Team Stradale wants to extend an enormous thank you to all of our drivers! Plans for 2022 season are already under way, with new drivers ready to go racing, and some exciting new plans for the coming season.

Team Stradale isn’t quite done this year though, with one final race with Radical Cup North America. That race will be at Sebring international Raceway from November 16 through 18.

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