McLaren’s Sabre by MSO Has Truly Stunning Details

Photos and words by: Patrick Morgan

Developed by McLaren Special Operations, the ultra-exclusive Sabre is an expression of McLaren’s performance might.

It’s not often you see a McLaren on the road, but here at the race track, they’re a little bit more common. Still, something like a McLaren Sabre – with a production run of just 15 – is an extremely rare ride to come across. The name to remember here is MSO, or McLaren Special Operations. Much like the name suggests, this arm of McLaren focuses on all things bespoke, customized, and more.

Developed for the US market, the Sbare is a hyperactive version of the Senna. And while the Senna GTR exists, the Sabre has a ten horsepower advantage on that car. In total, it makes 824 horsepower, and 590 lb/ft of torque. Top speed, if you dare to reach it, is 218 miles per hour. That makes the Sabre the fastest non-hybrid two-seat McLaren in their current lineup. It is topped only by the SpeedTail.

Mclaren's Sabre By Mso Has Truly Stunning Details

McLaren Chicago was kind enough to stop by with #13, and we were in awe of not only the car, but it’s subtle details that set it apart from the Senna. From the doors back, the Sabre sets itself apart, with the most obvious features being the wide wing. Mounted at the center and its far extremities, This wing alone gives the car presence. But upon further inspection, things like hexagonal holes for the vents, and large tapered speed holes in the rear bodywork keep drawing your eye into more details.
Mclaren's Sabre By Mso Has Truly Stunning Details
The carbon fiber work on the car is nothing short of excellent. Exposed carbon cloaks most of the car, but fenders are given a clear coat treatment. And of course, the weave meets with perfect symmetry along the car’s center line.

“MSO is the art of the possible”

McLaren Special Operations serves as McLaren’s go-to expert center for McLaren owners, past and present. Their main specialty is care and servicing of the McLaren F1, but they’ll alos go above and beyond to make your McLaren uniquely yours. Ansar Ali, Managing Director of MSO says, “McLaren Special Operations is where McLaren’s innovation and your vision meet. We call this the art of the possible. It’s a creative process that pushes the limits. We’re fiercely proud of the unique cars that result from our collaborative efforts with our customers.”

Mclaren's Sabre By Mso Has Truly Stunning Details

Mclaren's Sabre By Mso Has Truly Stunning Details

In other words, McLaren understands that their clients are interested in rarity and tailored treatment. For instance, in their configurator for the 720S convertible, you have 4 different types of paint to choose from. Standard, Special, Elite, and MSO Defined. Aside from paint, MSO configurators allow you to pick and choose wheels, tires, brakes, carbon fiber packages, interior appointments and more. And that’s just for the 720S. When you’re in a Sabre or SpeedTail, you’re in another league all together. What kind of league for the Sabre? Well, its price tag is simply “several million.”

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