Radical’s New SR10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

Photos and words by: Patrick Morgan

The SR10 is the definitive next step for Radical SR3 drivers and for aspiring racers.

A few Team Stradale drivers have already taken delivery of their SR10, and some have even raced theirs in the Blue Marble Radical Cup. But many drivers have yet to experience the thrill of this EcoBoost powered machine, including those at our home track of Autobahn Country Club. That all changed on April 27th, when members of the track were invited to drive Radical’s newest creation. Nearly a dozen drivers were able to experience the SR10, with support for the event via Radical Sportscars, Hankook Tire and Team Stradale.

Radical's New Sr10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

Power for the SR10 comes from a Ford Ecoboost 2.3 liter 4-cylinder engine. Radical Precision Engineering performs magic on the internals and through an ECU tune, the engine cranks out 425 horsepower. That power doesn’t have to move along a lot of heft either, as the SR10 barely tips the scales over 1,700 pounds.

Radical's New Sr10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

Drivers would take a handful of laps. Each driver’s first lap is performed at one of the SR10’s lower power modes. Then they could turn up the power as they became more comfortable.

Radical's New Sr10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

The SR10 easily impressed seasoned SR3 drivers. Martin Weidenhoeft, pictured above, said “The SR10 delivered on everything it promised.” Standing to his right is Tom Drewer, Regional Manager for Radical Sports Cars North America. “I really think we have something special here in the SR10,” he said. Drewer continued, “all of the drivers today have expressed that the car’s torque – 380 lb/ft – is engaging, and offers a new depth of performance to the Radical line.”

“It’s nothing short of game changing.”

Radical's New Sr10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

Even drivers new to the track and new to high performance race cars had a thrill. Greg Ginger (above) expressed his pleasure with the SR10 via wide-eyed excitement upon exiting the vehicle. Having come from standard road cars, you could tell the SR10 was unlike anything else he’d ever driven before.

Radical's New Sr10 Impresses With Incredible Speed

Team Stradale Principal Francesco D’Avola was more than pleased with the event. “These drivers are seeing what I came to realize long ago when Radical announced this new car; it’s nothing short of game changing.” Adding, “the SR3 1500 has a performance advantage over the 1340. The SR10 now makes that delta even wider. It’s the next obvious step for any SR3 driver, and a great progression for a racer moving up the ranks.”

With a number of SR10’s already sold to members, expect to see a lot more news about this car in the coming future, including the next Blue Marble Radical Cup race at Road America.

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